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SEO is constantly changing

Meta descriptions, alt tags, keywords… you know the drill. SEO isn’t new, but most organizations fail to realize that it changes and with every Penguin, Pigeon, and Fred, comes necessary updates to SEO practices. If we lost you at “Penguin”, we definitely need to talk about your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

It’s more than just keywords

Organic web traffic accounts for an average of 73% of all traffic directed to business websites. With organic traffic being tied to SEO performance, an effective SEO strategy could be the difference between customers finding you versus your competitor.

SEO strategy isn’t just about improving your standing. It’s also about adhering to search engine algorithms to avoid penalties in your search ranking. Issues like load speed and mobile optimization now fall under SEO and affect more than just user experience. Today, Google has over 200 ranking factors to consider, making keywords just a piece of a complete SEO strategy.

Why you should prioritize SEO in 2021

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Don’t get stuck in the past

With Google’s vision of a faster web experience for all users and privacy policies clamping down on ad targeting, organic SEO stands to become even more important than it already is.

Don’t wait for your site to fall off the first page of Google. Let’s work together to keep your SEO strategy aligned with today’s requirements so you can climb the ranks.

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