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Be agile.

Agile methodology in marketing allows teams to be aligned with overall business objectives while staying flexible to emerging opportunities. Shorter planning cycles mean that regular conversations happen about what work you’re doing to contribute to larger goals. More regular check-ins on progress and performance allow you to adapt and adjust instead of setting it and forgetting it.

Agile makes marketing faster and better.

Agile workflow

Iterate & optimize

Perfection isn’t the goal because it doesn’t exist. We launch tactics with our best hypothesis, and let the data tell us what we can improve – because there’s always something.

Flexible thinking

Plans are only as good as the data and circumstances they’re built on. When things change, we have to be open to adapting and adjusting.

Organize & prioritize

There’s so much we want to accomplish in a given day, week, or year. We have regular conversations about what needs to happen and when so we keep tracking for your goals.

Be open.

Transparency with clients

We share how we make the special sauce. Clients see our project management boards, live reporting dashboards, and early draft work.

Technology agnostic

Suggesting the right tools for your needs is more important than our history with it. Our team can learn tech. Your team can’t get back a bad investment.

Ready for feedback

Marketing will always be a collaborative discipline with so many stakeholders and subject matter experts. We like to get at the heart of why a certain thing might need to change so that we can be on the same page.

Share knowledge

If we’ve learned something useful through our work, we want to share it. It makes the marketing discipline stronger and we find better ways to work together.

Be human.

Respect everyone’s time

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and believe that most of it should be spent outside of work. This drives us to use our working time as efficiently as possible so we can experience life and recharge.

Connect on an emotional level

B2B marketing and client/agency relationships tend to be way too transactional. We want marketing that hits the audience in the feels. We want to know where you’re struggling so we can help out.

Make mistakes & learn

They happen when you’re willing to take risks and put new ideas on the table. We forgive each other and ourselves, learn from the situation, and keep moving forward.

Be your authentic self

We know we do our best work when we’re not worried about wearing a corporate mask. No need for starched blazers and sterile video call backgrounds (unless that’s your jam).

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