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Avoid fines with these CASL compliance best practices

With fines being levied and changes to CASL on the way, companies need to shape up and ensure compliance when it comes to user data, privacy, and consent.

Download on Digital: July 2021 – User-generated content is the way to go

For brands that don't have time for content marketing, user-generated content campaigns can incentivize your customers to create content for you.


What’s the difference between UX and UI design?

User experience design. User interface design. What's the difference? Read our blog to learn more about each and how they differ from eachother.

Don’t give your employees Sick Days – give them Wellness Days and Disconnect Fridays

Is your team struggling with burnout but reluctant to take sick days? We're rebranding Sick Days to Wellness Days and you should, too.

2021 web design trends you should pay attention to

Looking for inspiration for your next project? Check out some of these 2021 web design trends to get inspired and deliver a beautiful site.


Enhance your B2B marketing with animation

Stand out in a sea of boring B2B marketing and capture the attention of your audience by adding animation to your marketing.