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The 18 best digital design books you should add to your reading list

Want to improve your design skills in the New Year? Here's our list of the top digital design books to sharpen your skills in 2022.

Save time by organizing your video files the right way

Learn how to tackle video production efficiently, then download our video file folder template to stay organized on your next video project.


How to measure psychological safety in your team

Want to improve psychological safety in your team? Start by measuring it to get a baseline. It'll introduce your team to a new way of thinking.


Download on Digital: AdWorld 2021 and the problem with marketing data

Get the latest news on digital marketing in November 2021. This month, we've got takeaways from AdWorld 2021 and the problems with data.


Everything you wanted to know about a career in digital marketing

Get the honest answers to your burning questions about a career in digital marketing from a seasoned agency digital marketer.

No more excuses—you need to add captions to your videos

With 92% of mobile users watching videos with no sound, you should be adding captions to your video content. Luckily, it just got way easier.

Checking all the boxes with accessible website design

There’s a misconception that accessibility in website design is “nice-to-have” not "must-have", but a website isn't user-friendly if it's not accessible to all.

Don’t give your employees Sick Days–give them Wellness Days and Disconnect Fridays

Is your team struggling with burnout but reluctant to take sick days? We're rebranding Sick Days to Wellness Days and you should, too.