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The ultimate guide for updating your Looker Studio dashboards to GA4

Ready to make the switch to GA4? Don't forget about your dashboards! Use this guide to update your Looker Studio dashboards from UA to GA4.

Try these frameworks to prioritize your work (and become a better project manager)

Avoid the paralysis of not knowing what task to do first with these prioritization frameworks. You'll become a better project manager & get more done.

A Graphic Designer’s take on Midjourney for branding

Our graphic designer put Midjourney's AI image generation to the test! See how it fared with a hypothetical branding project.

Why your professional services firm needs a capabilities deck (and how to make one)

A capabilities deck is an invaluable strategic doc that helps align marketing and sales initiatives. Here's what goes into a kick-ass deck.

How organizations can be allies to the Trans community—today and every day

In honour of International Transgender Day of Visibility, here's what organizations can do to become allies to the trans community year-round.

ChatGPT and the AI revolution will change marketing forever

ChatGPT and other AI tools are here to stay. Here's what you need to know about the limitations, benefits, and how they'll change marketing.

It’s time to BeReal and embrace the rise of authenticity in marketing

In a sea of carefully curated social media feeds, BeReal takes a different approach, promoting authenticity over perfection.

Enable your team to manage up

Creating an environment where team members can manage up isn't easy, but it's important. Enable your team to do their best work with a 'manage up' culture.

The 4 communication style archetypes you’ll find in the workplace and how to work better with each one

There are 4 communication style archetypes in the workplace. Knowing which one you & your coworkers are can lead to better team communication.