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big-picture growth.

There’s an endless list of things we could do with your marketing budget. But what’s important now? How does that feed into the larger plans for the organization? And most importantly–why? We thrive with this level of context so that our execution drives impact.

Build a brand that stands out.

We’re not content with slapping a logo on something and calling it a day. By blending creativity with strategy, we can
create a new, fully thought-out brand from the ground up or breathe life into an existing one.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming & Taglines
  • Brand Voice and Messaging Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logo design
  • Website

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Branding, Logo design, Website design & development

Rebranding Emtek as a modern industry leader

Point marketing in the right direction.


Good execution flows out of good strategy whether you’re building out your team or breaking into a new segment. We can help define an approach that works specifically for your business and market.

  • Competitive analysis
  • Target markets
  • Personas
  • ICP
  • Marketing mix
  • Channel analysis
  • Messaging strategy

Let’s set your strategy

Get noticed by your target market.

There are many ways to fuel top-of-funnel activity and get in front of your audience. It takes repeated exposure, often across multiple channels, to build awareness.
And like most marketing, these tactics work better together.

Content marketing

What information will be helpful and valuable to your audience? What will move them through the buyer’s journey? Let’s create it! Maybe it’s a blog, an eBook, or a video series. Or all three. Whatever the format, we can work with your team to gather this information and polish it into a great piece of content for your website.

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Search engine optimization is a long game that is often neglected. We see SEO tactics as a way to find ideas to inspire your content by understanding what your audience is searching and looking for. SEO also makes sure your content gets the attention it deserves by making it more easily found.

Paid Campaigns

By combining strategic channel selection, target market modelling, content, and creative, you can boost your awareness efforts with digital and social media advertising. Our goal with awareness campaigns is to test many different approaches and make data-driven recommendations.

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Build a better digital storefront.

Your website is the face of your business online and the home base for all your digital marketing tactics. How well does it help your target audiences find the content you need and understand the value you provide? How well does it encourage potential customers to convert? How easy is it for your team to manage and update it? Let us help you from planning to launch and beyond.

  • Information architecture
  • Content planning
  • Content creation
  • UI/UX
  • Website design
  • Web development services
  • CRM & tech integration
  • SEO

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Get more leads that are better qualified.

It’s lead gen. Demand gen. Inbound. Outbound. MQLs. SQLs. Whatever terms your org uses, the theme is the same–you need to show that marketing is grabbing the attention of your audience and getting them to raise their hands.

Digital Advertising

We can help optimize your ad spend by analyzing the full funnel of activities, including SEM, social media advertising, display advertising, ABM, remarketing, and more. We can also develop and deploy new targeting options, copy, creatives, and tracking techniques.

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Content marketing

We can work with you to develop content that your target market will find helpful to generate awareness and leads, as well as content for your ads. Our team can supplement your existing content efforts, or we can be that engine to turn out written, recorded, filmed, and designed content for your brand.

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We can optimize your existing and new content so that your target market can find it the moment they need it, without needing to pay for the click. We can provide keyword and competitive insights that can guide content creation efforts. We can make sure your website is working the way that makes ever-changing search algorithms happy.

Landing Pages

Great ads are wonderful, but what happens next? A good landing page experience should tie directly to your ads and make it clear what the next steps are. We can launch pages for your campaigns, A/B test them, and optimize towards conversions.

Technology Integration

Without data, your campaign efforts are incomplete. Whether you have a CRM, marketing automation platform, or are just starting on that journey, we make sure everything is trackable. Conversion rate optimization is an important piece of any campaign, and we have a wide variety of tools in our kit that can be brought into your stack.

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Make every touchpoint consistent
and captivating.

Combining creativity and finely tuned attention to detail makes sure that your brand remains strong without getting tired.
What your target market and users need is front and centre when we create beautiful and effective designs across a variety of media:

  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Brand overhauls
  • Marketing collateral
  • Animation & video motion
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Infographics
  • Packaging
  • Tradeshow booths
  • UX & UI
  • App design

Lazaridis Business Degree Brochure Design

August 31, 2021

Wilfred Laurier University needed a brochure to advertise their business degree and co-op program administrated by their sub-brand Lazaridis School of Business & Economics.

B Elegant Brand Identity

August 4, 2021
B Elegant is a full-service catering & event planning company based in Cambridge, ON. They needed a chic brand to attract a modern bride’s eye and highlight their focus on service. 

Axonify Website Redesign

June 29, 2021

Despite fielding a modern website, Axonify—a tech company focused on learning solutions—wasn’t content with their level of online engagement. On the surface, everything was fine. The design was clean, the navigation was intuitive, and the content was valuable. But to who?

The GrandWay Brand Design

May 31, 2021
The GrandWay is an event centre that prides itself on providing entertainment and creating experiences for all. With various attractions ranging from horse racing to gaming, and event spaces perfect for hosting weddings, parties, and corporate functions, The GrandWay aims to combine elegance and community in all that they do.

Hybrid New Hatchery Invitation

October 4, 2021

Hybrid is a leader in animal genetics and commercial turkey production, focusing on animal welfare and customer success. They needed a unique invitation to announce their new hatchery facility’s grand opening. It required a custom dieline that played off the idea of an egg hatching and opening to reveal an invite with a poult and more information about the building.

Care Share Conserve Logo Design

September 31, 2021

Care Share Conserve is an organization born out of the want to instil small town values in today’s children through the notions of charity and conservation. With a focus on helping disadvantaged youth, the environment and endangered wildlife, CSC aims to give back to the parts of the world that form its namesake pillars.

Improve your marketing processes.

Could your marketing engine use a tune-up? Leverage our experience across many industries and companies to refine how you get marketing done. It’s just as important as what marketing you’re doing, especially if you want your team to have the space to be creative and effective.


Have our team keep a pulse on your web properties. We’ll keep up with all the updates and changes so that you can stay focused on building your business.

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Curious how your workflows and collaboration could be better? We can work with your marketing team and apply best practices we’ve learned over the years in a way that works with your specific resources and requirements.

Technology Integration

Tech and tools play a large role in how marketing gets done and measured. We’ve worked with companies going through massive marketing transformations and large stack changes. We’ve filled in gaps in already established stacks. We hold no stakes in this game other than helping your team work better and smarter.

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Enable sales to convert more leads, faster.

Marketing sets the stage for how well your sales team can do their jobs. We want to make sure they have the resources and information they need to close a deal. We want them to have easy conversations because messaging is aligned across your org.

  • Sales sheets
  • Tradeshow experiences
  • Presentations & deck templates
  • CRM automation
  • Lead scoring
  • Chatbots & AI

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