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We’ve helped enterprise marketing teams and scale-up companies build their digital marketing capabilities to capture emerging opportunities. We take a holistic and consultative view of your marketing, regardless of which tactics we’re executing.

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A flexible,

Stryvers develop their skills and experience in many tactics and industries. This allows us to cross-pollinate ideas and insights, consider how decisions impact the larger marketing picture, and move faster.

Digital marketing is a multi-disciplinary field that demands a lot from its practitioners. That’s why we focus on developing a wide range of creative and analytical skills across all roles. When it comes time to jump into a project, this gives us the flexibility to match your specific needs with the talents and experience of our team.

Marketing team

Your strategy, execution, and project management.

Design team

Your visual strategy and execution.

Development Team

Technical expertise brought in for your specific needs.

Sourov De

Managing Partner

Ryan Burgio

Managing Partner

Sarah Rosenquist

Digital Marketing Director & Head of Operations

Brent Morrison

Senior Graphic Designer

Grace Cole

Creative Director & Head of HR

Kaleigh Bulford

Digital Marketing Director & Head of Marketing

Gail Edgeworth

Office Assistant

Ash Larizza

Digital Marketing Manager

Thomas Parkinson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sara Kohan

Digital Marketing Manager

Yumi Chow

Digital Marketing Specialist

Krishal Ramesh

Digital Marketing Specialist

Bethany Johnston-Baril

Junior Graphic Designer

Abagail Maxwell

Junior Graphic Designer

Ria Moody

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Sabrina Rodrigues

Digital Marketing Coordinator

We need great talent to keep us going.

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Now, add technology.

We take a technologically agnostic view when it comes to client projects. It’s about finding the
right fit for your situation, not pushing a platform that we get a kickback on. If we need to bring
in an expert to get a project done, we’ll tap our network and do the vetting before anything is outsourced.

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