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For the last ten years, we’ve been building a team of unconventional thinkers. It’s in our DNA to consume information and destroy convention. In 2008, the marketing norm was traditional and ineffective. That’s why we’ve been focused on digital marketing since day one.

But original thinking isn’t all it takes.

Digital marketing should be the collision of strategy, creativity, and technology. It’s full-stack marketing. And it takes a full-stack team to make it happen. That means living in relentless pursuit of smarter, faster, and better.

Sourov De

Managing Partner

Ryan Burgio

Managing Partner

Sarah Rosenquist

Digital Marketing Director

Brent Morrison

Senior Graphic Designer

Grace Cole

Creative Director

Kaleigh Bulford

Digital Marketing Director

Gail Edgeworth

Office Administrator

Nicole Steinberg

Graphic Designer

Ash Larizza

Digital Marketing Specialist

Thomas Parkinson

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Sara Kohan

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kyle Gellatly

Digital Marketing Manager

Rachel Hickey

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Yumi Chow

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Krishal Ramesh

Digital Marketing Coordinator

We’re a different breed;

a by-product of our electric environment. Kitchener-Waterloo’s eruption into tech connects us with mold-breakers and problem-solvers. It reminds us every day that complacency means obsolescence. It’s that insatiable appetite we seek in people we work with too. Our clients like Miovision, Intel, Hendrix Genetics, Syngenta, and Axonify are living proof of it. We’re partners in their growth.

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