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The hidden benefits of going agile

In 2017, Stryve committed to transitioning to becoming an agile marketing agency. Inspired by Scott Brinker’s book Hacking Marketing, we’re pushing forward to become creative marketing technologists who can thrive in an ever-changing world. And we’re also on a quest to push our clients agile. So much so, that one of them is now more advanced than we are at it. And another client is becoming an agile marketing leader in their industry.

We have a long way to go to becoming a completely agile agency. But along the way we’ve uncovered some hidden benefits that we didn’t expect. Going agile is not about being quicker or more productive. It’s about changing the DNA of your organization.

Here’s a rundown of some key benefits we weren’t expecting:


Nothing seems to phase us anymore. We still encounter issues and challenges, but we can overcome anything. Why? Agile has taught us how to identify and overcome issues quickly. Reviews and retrospectives become automatic in everything we do. They no longer need a formal meeting. They happen in real-time, all the time. And because of this, the team is tough, resilient, and focused on solving problems instead of complaining about them.

Heightened energy levels

We’re working on a improved version of a previous sprint. Everything is always new. We’re always making progress and getting better. We’re not getting bored with repetition. We never feel like we’re not improving. We’re always moving forward. Nothing is more energy-boosting than the feeling of progress. We’d take that over a ping-pong table any day.


Agile has forced us to prioritize everything. We’ve always struggled with trying to achieve far too many things. In 2018, we’ve prioritized every single goal and related activity. If it’s not the top priority, it doesn’t get done. Simple as that. Far too many teams try to do it all, while failing all the time. Agile forces you to focus on the things that matter. We’re feeling good about that.

It’s about more than productivity. It’s about mindset.

As you can see, going agile is about more than getting more done. It’s about more than being nimble and innovative. It’s about developing a mindset that makes your organization better. So if you’re looking to sell your agile manifesto to management, feel free to share some of the hidden benefits we’ve found. Your company will be better for it.

Ryan Burgio

Co-founder & Managing Director

Ryan is the Co-Founder and Manager Director of Stryve. As an entrepreneur, he is prone to bouts of incredible optimism and setting unrealistic expectations for his team.