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Syngenta Canada wins Best Marketing Campaign award

What’s in a beer? The same as what’s in the best marketing campaign: good times and a lot of hard work. To get accepted for malt, barley growers in Canada have to finely tune their operation. Syngenta Canada has been dedicated to helping these growers grow their best crop by providing high-value industry and agronomic information at Malt Masters.

Their hard work was recognized at this summer’s Expy Awards and the team at Syngenta won Best Marketing Campaign. Wooohooo! Congratulations to all involved. We can’t wait to see what new, thirst-quenching content they bring to the campaign in 2019.

You can check out their award-winning hub here. You might even learn a few things about your favourite carb-loaded beverage.

What makes the best marketing campaign?

That’s a trick question. We think a big part of Syngenta’s success is that they launched a marketing program, not a marketing campaign. Using agile methodology, the team works in two-week sprints, bringing to light deep metrics that guide future content and tactics.

This approach is supported by one of our favourite content marketing platforms – Uberflip. Uberflip enables the team to spend less time getting content posted and organized, and more time on the strategy behind the scenes. Adding forms and CTAs takes no time, and they feed directly into Pardot for deeper prospect and customer insights.

How can you get started?

Content marketing sounds great to a lot of teams, but all-too-often fails to get off the ground. Get the ball rolling by assembling a small scrum of your internal champions and take things one step at a time.

If you’re still stuck and aren’t picking up on the great links I’m feeding your way, you can check out more tips onĀ content marketing tips right from this very blog.

Congratulations again to the Malt Masters team!

Sarah Rosenquist

Senior Account Manager

Sarah is a quick learn when it comes to using new technology, and is the resident geek of the team. Her favourite thing is peeling the plastic off new gadgets.

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