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Let your
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You’ve got a blog, but you’ve got webinars, videos, and podcasts now, too. Why do they all live apart? It’s time to bring all of this content together in an experience that sparks exploration, moves your audience towards conversion, and establishes your brand as an expert.

Whether you decide to use an out-of-the-box solution like Uberflip or build your own custom hub, you’ll get a hub that’s optimized for consuming content.

Give your content a longer shelf life.

Don’t let your content get buried or lost. Content hubs give structure to your catalogue so it’s manageable for you and relevant to your audience. Check the stats: our content hub has increased page views on articles by 172%. 

Provide a better user experience.

Chronological feeds are outdated. Content hubs lay out content so it’s easier to browse. Allow your visitors to browse category pages, formats and find what they’re looking for.

Get better website performance, SEO, and insights.

Keep visitors on your site instead of bouncing back to Google. When more content formats, categories, and a robust search are visible, visitors search for answers on your content hub. You’ll build topical authority and keep the engagement going for longer.
Bonus: more data about what your visitors want to know about!

A happy home for all
your content

Supercharge your content marketing efforts by centralizing all your content and resources

Completely custom feeds for longer binge sessions

Standard blog feeds are chronological by default, meaning your latest content gets buried quickly under new posts. With content hubs, your feed is totally customizable. You can highlight whatever content you want, both manually and automatically, and even curate different feeds.

Made for multimedia

Don’t use the same old template for different media. Whether it’s a podcast, a video, a slide deck or an article, showcase your content in its most consumable format.

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