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Stryve is a HubSpot agency partner

Back in 2008, we were one of the first Canadian agencies to be inbound certified. Fast forward a decade and we have another exciting announcement: Stryve is now an official HubSpot agency partner.

We’re expanding from marketing to rev-ops

Now, we haven’t always been fans of Hubspot. We actually shifted away from their platform years ago. Recently, however, they regained our interest by making an important strategic shift. They’re building a platform for a single source of revenue truth. By integrating their sales and marketing platforms into a single place, we’re now able to connect marketing and sales data for a complete 360 view of our clients’ customers.

This is a big deal. So big, that as an organization, we’re expanding our focus from marketing to rev-ops. To make it happen, we require a system that easily connects our marketing efforts to sales impact and groups all our customer data in one place. HubSpot has evolved into that system and we’re looking forward to seeing what we can do together.

We’re excited to see where HubSpot is going

HubSpot really gets marketing. They’re great at it and they want to help others be great at it, too. They believe in providing great service and giving before getting, aiming to educate and inspire. We couldn’t agree more with their philosophy and we’re excited to align with a like-minded organization.

HubSpot has been quietly making waves in the areas of sales and customer service without taking away from their marketing capabilities. By managing all of these focuses in one place, their product is perfect for supporting the cross-functional scrum teams used by today’s modern companies. The news out of INBOUND 2019 shows their commitment to providing user-friendly tools that allow teams to save time, save money, and enable growth. We think the future looks bright for HubSpot and are happy to be along for the ride.

What does this mean for our clients?

If you’re already using HubSpot as your CRM or marketing platform, we’ll work within your existing account and suggest ways of optimizing your setup to align with your goals. Any landing pages, forms, emails, and ads we run will be connected to HubSpot to increase your visibility on lead sources, conversions, and ultimately, generated revenue.

If you haven’t used a CRM or marketing automation system but feel it’s time to step up your game, we can help you get started. If HubSpot is the right fit for your business, we’ll assist with onboarding and integrating your website, external applications, and social accounts with HubSpot.

We know different businesses have different needs and situations, so we’ll continue to offer support across any and all CRM and marketing platforms. While we’re excited to announce our partnership with HubSpot, we’ll always be technologically agnostic for our clients. Whether you use Pardot, Marketo, or something else, we’re happy to offer our expertise and insight.

Sarah Rosenquist

Senior Account Manager

Sarah is a quick learn when it comes to using new technology, and is the resident geek of the team. Her favourite thing is peeling the plastic off new gadgets.

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