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Data is a digital marketer’s best friend

The great thing about digital marketing is that unlike traditional methods, almost everything is measurable. That means we’re able to gather data about pretty much any campaign or project we’re working on. It might not be the most flashy tactic, but it’s without a doubt one of the most important aspects of any campaign. How else would you know how well something is working (or not working!) if it wasn’t for continuous analysis.

How do we approach it at Stryve?

At Stryve, we’re huge advocates of agile methodology. That means we operate using 2-week sprints in order to streamline our project management. Our reporting structure follows a similar cadence. Bi-weekly or monthly reporting allows us to adapt quickly and make changes based on insights from the previous period.

Write more insightful marketing reports

Dig deeper than just the stats While it’s often necessary to see the results of a campaign in […]

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Make data-driven decisions.

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