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Connecting growers with agronomic knowledge with Soy Masters by Syngenta

Syngenta Canada launched Soy Masters as a branded campaign to connect with soy growers across the country. The focus of the campaign is to provide value-added content that reinforces Syngenta’s brand goal to help their customers grow the best crop.


Syngenta was looking to help growers succeed by connecting them with better agronomic information. In the past, this content was delivered at in-person events. They were eager to extend the impact of these events. Syngenta wanted to reach remote growers and inspire soy growers across Canada to push for new heights.

Syngenta has an excellent engine for generating content but needed help targeting and amplifying it. How could they reach those remote growers that weren’t getting face-time with the sales reps? How could they stay engaged with growers throughout the year without the message getting tired and overused?


Stryve worked with Uberflip’s content marketing platform to create a hub that would house all their content. We integrated forms on the hub with Syngenta’s Pardot account and set up Google Analytics to ensure we were getting a full picture of user behaviour on the hub. Goals were created to measure how many users subscribed to email updates and how deeply users were engaged with the content.

Every content piece published on the hub was advertised on multiple channels: AdRoll retargeting on Facebook, Google Search, and Twitter. In each case, a highly targeted strategy was used to narrow in on specific geographic areas and terms. Negative keywords were critical for this campaign to avoid serving ads to the average person who talks about soy as food.

Each month, Stryve also deployed email newsletters to subscribers and opted-in soy growers in Syngenta’s Pardot account. Each email highlighted newly added content to keep contacts engaged with Syngenta throughout the season.


Growers are very engaged with the hub and its content. Over 17% of users are viewing three or more pages and 2% are subscribing for future updates. Uberflip has also allowed us to easily see which content pieces are driving the most email subscribers and engagement. This form of feedback lets us know what growers are interested in and informs future content creation.

Pay-per-click campaigns are consistently seeing a conversion rate over 10%, and email comes through at well over 30%. Soy growers across Canada are actively engaged with Soy Masters. This is driving excellent thought leadership and brand equity for Syngenta Canada.

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