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How Hybrid Turkeys is benefitting from a long-term partnership

As long as you have a business, your work in marketing is never finished. That's why so many of our long-term client relationships began with a single project and have evolved into multi-year partnerships. As we run more campaigns and employ more strategies, we gain access to more data—data that uncovers opportunities to improve the presence of our clients and the experiences they serve their customers.

Projects lead to results. Results lead to insights. Insights lead to opportunities and opportunities lead to projects.

Stryve began working with Hybrid Turkeys in 2017, focusing primarily on brand assets and tradeshow collateral. Since then, we've expanded our efforts far beyond design. Through this case study, you'll learn the benefits of a long-term partnership. You'll find out how in the last two years, together with Hybrid Turkeys, we were able to:

  • Increase organic website traffic by 55%
  • Increase the traffic to Hybrid's English resources by 350%
  • Increase the amount of high-engagement users by 27%
  • Identify trends and opportunities through monthly data collection and analysis

Improving SEO and engagement with thoughtful UX design

As we’ve seen with our own website, content can be a massive driver of traffic. Blogs, resources, and other content archives are packed with valuable keywords that fuel SEO and organic discovery.

In 2018, while analyzing Hybrid Turkey’s user behaviour, we discovered the structure of their resource library was limiting the impact it had on SEO. Using an image-based navigation system, the resources site came with an impaired user experience–especially for mobile users. Furthermore, because the library comprised of downloadable PDFs instead of live pages, Hybrid was missing the opportunity to appear in search results for keywords they actually had content for.

With that, we proposed rebuilding all of Hybrid’s PDF resources as live pages optimized for priority keywords. Additionally, we would tear down the image-based interface and go with something more modern and user-friendly across all devices.

As a result of this work, Hybrid’s traffic has increased 55% since 2018. When looking at users coming from Google Search results to a Hybrid Turkeys resource page, that number goes up by 463%. Hybrid’s flexibility has also improved. While the previous illustration-based layout was fun, it prevented Hybrid from easily adding new categories to the resource library. Now, with a structure that enables front and back-end usability, Hybrid Turkeys is better positioned to add to their resources and keep content organized while expanding their archive.

Pivoting to video content in the wake of Covid shutdowns

When in-person events shut down in 2020 due to the global pandemic, many businesses saw a major point of consumer engagement disappear overnight. With Hybrid staff often featured at these events as keynote speakers, Hybrid Turkeys would also be losing a forum where they would regularly demonstrate their expertise and capabilities.

To make up for this loss, Stryve helped Hybrid Turkeys pivot to video production–investing in webinars, how-to videos, and “ask an expert” interviews. With topics ranging from how to measure egg temperature to discussing the impact of poor nutrition, Hybrid was able to continue living up to its “Partners in Excellence” tagline by repackaging the content and experiences that would otherwise take place at an industry event or on a customer farm.

Once we had produced a sizeable video archive on Vimeo and saw consistent positive results in the newsletter and monthly reports, we took the project further by building a video library on Hybrid’s resource site. Since its launch, we’ve seen a 27% increase in web sessions lasting over 3 minutes and an average of 379 views per video.

Not every video has been a success, but with ongoing tracking and distribution through the newsletter and social media, we’re able to see which ideas to push forward and which ideas to abandon. While we started by focusing on long-form webinars, we’ve since shifted to bite-sized ‘How-to’ videos–a move that allows us to invest less time into each video and as a result, publish more frequently. With the success of these videos, Hybrid’s ‘How-to’ series has been translated for various markets and teams outside of North America.

Identifying trends and opportunities with monthly reporting

Choosing to invest in ‘How-to’ videos over other approaches is just one example of how consistent reporting has informed our decision-making.

For years, we’ve prepared monthly reports tracking everything from high-level website engagement to the number of views on certain resources. We have over five years of projects to draw from. With these accumulating stats, we’re able to paint a more detailed image of the customer experience and better qualify our strategies.

For example, by looking at the monthly traffic over each of the last four years, identifying the high-volume months and low volume months, then looking at pages key to those variances, we found Hybrid’s users were most often visiting the site at the turn of the season–likely to view resources that would inform them on seasonal preparations. Over the years, we’ve seen Hybrid’s mobile engagement inch closer and closer to that of their desktop engagement, furthering the need to consider mobile optimization of downloadable assets.

With third-party cookies on their way out, companies will need to rely more and more on their own first-party data to support ideas. With that, it becomes more important than ever to have a trusted and capable agency partner to convert that data into opportunity. Trust and capability don’t just happen–they’re grown over time.

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