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Nymity’s software simplifies tasks for privacy and compliance professionals managing different regulations around the world. They were launching a new tool focused around managing different data subject rights and requests with adaptive jurisdictional rules.

The Challenge

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was getting ready to hit in 2020, so it was an important focus for the privacy, compliance, and data professionals at large organizations. Nymity wanted to use this, plus the continued pressure of GDPR, to highlight the benefits of their new Data Subject Request (DSR) tool.

Nymity had done some digital advertising in the past but were looking to see how they could increase the quantity of leads and decrease the cost per lead with new strategies. They engaged Stryve in an intensive one-month campaign to test various strategies, creatives, and calls-to-action.

The Work

Nymity’s campaign involved many tests. The first was to compare conversion rates for campaigns with a CTA to get a demo against campaigns where the CTA was to download a resource. Landing pages were developed for each on HubSpot.

Each CTA was then tested on three different ad platforms with multiple combinations of different ad copy and creative. Conversion tracking in HubSpot showed us which ads drove each form fill. We used this data to optimize the campaigns on a weekly basis by turning off lower-performing ads and shifting budget around to higher-performing platforms.

The results

The 4-week campaign generated 57 new contacts at an average cost per lead that was half of what Nymity had traditionally seen from past digital campaigns. We learned that their resources were more effective at converting than the demo offer, indicating investment in nurture campaigns and retargeting would be a good next step. The data was also able to show what types of imagery and copy resonated best with their audience. The Nymity team got a lot of data-driven insights in just four weeks and can prove that digital marketing is worth investing in.

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