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Remember when email marketing became a thing?

Can you think back to the spray-and-pray days when marketers roamed free of CASL compliance? Tracking was non-existent and automation was still sci-fi. Since then it has been game-changer after game-changer.

Or remember when websites were completely static?

Now designers have to know how to implement animation, consider UI and UX, and make sure everything is AODA accessible and trendy to boot.

The point is that digital marketing moves fast. Snapchat is in and then it’s out. Big bold fonts are out and now it’s in. Our tools are constantly changing and, as digital marketers and designers, it’s our job to navigate those changes. “Cutting edge” has become an overplayed buzzword: we need to be on the forefront of change to take advantage of new opportunities as soon as they’re available.

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