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Stryve’s 10-year challenge

With the decade coming to a close, we wanted to get in on the 10-Year Challenge that’s taking over social media. If you’re not familiar with it, the concept is simple — post a photo from 10 years ago along with a current photo to show how you’ve changed. With that, it’s time for a trip down memory lane!

10 years ago…

We started Stryve in 2008 after finishing up a new venture project with our friend and mentor, Dave Chilton.  After our work with Dave, Ryan and I had a blank slate opportunity; we could start a new business or go get jobs. We took the former.

Here’s a photo of me and Ryan around the start of the decade:

Stryve Group: 10 years ago

With marketing and sales as our strengths, we didn’t know exactly which part of marketing and sales we wanted to specialize in. So, our company name and logo were pretty generic. Stryve started out as Stryve Group.

Stryve in 2019

And here we are today, armed with a new name, a sleek new logo, and a nice new office. Speaking of which…

Our Office

Stryve's old entrance above a gas station

If you look past Chloe’s holiday-wrapped car, you’ll see our old office. Located above a gas station and Tim Hortons, we had to cross the drive-thru each morning to get to our front door. Luckily, there was less texting and drive-thru-ing back in the day and we lived long enough to move up in the world.

Today, Stryve’s office is in the new and modern Catalyst137 building and we’ve graduated from Tim Hortons to Red Circle.

Stryve 10-year challenge: Our office in Catalyst137

The Team

Stryve 10-year challenge: 2008 team photo

We’ve grown quite a bit since 2010, increasing our headcount to 10 fulltime team members. Our first hires, Chloe and Sarah, are still with us today and as a group, we’ve stopped wearing blazers.

Stryve 10-year challenge: 2019 team photo

Time flies! We’ve come a long way since the two-person operation above a gas station and it’s been a wild ride. We’re looking forward to the future and many more good years to come.

Note: Rico the dog retired and is now living comfortably on a beach in Del Boca Vista, Florida.

Sourov De

Co-founder & President

Sourov is fascinated by anything related to sales, marketing & social media, and is the founder of the Social Media Marketing Canada group on LinkedIn.

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