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The Old Spice Man: How inbound marketing should be done

I have to hand it to Proctor and Gamble. They nailed the effective combination of traditional, online and social media to round out a killer inbound marketing campaign. When Alyssa Milano, Ellen Degeneres and Perez Hilton are tweeting about your campaign, it’s safe to say you’ve made an impact. On top of that, this campaign isn’t overt marketing. It’s an excellent example of how companies can use tactics to “get found” on the internet instead of bombarding potential customers with marketing messages.

The Old Spice Man YouTube responses are golden. If you haven’t seen them yet, here’s one of my favorites.

Ryan Burgio

Co-founder & Managing Director

Ryan is the Co-Founder and Manager Director of Stryve. As an entrepreneur, he is prone to bouts of incredible optimism and setting unrealistic expectations for his team.

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