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The full-stack marketer: Career security is the new job security

A couple years ago Marcelo Calbucci coined the term for the type of people we hire here at Stryve: Full-Stack Marketers (FSMs).  It’s about being skilled in SEO, social media, analytics, content, design, copywriting, sales, events, and everything in between.  It’s rare to come across a candidate with a full stack. They’re essentially unicorns. Calbucci explains that to make it in the startup world as a marketer, you have to be a jack of all trades. It makes sense—it’s crucial for startups to drive maximum value out of limited resources. But there’s a place for the full-stack marketer outside of the startup world too.

Some have argued that as a startup grows out of their startup label, a full-stack marketer has essentially put themselves out of a job by not being specialized enough in one area. It is true that as workload increases and budget permits, specialists should start to own different parts of the stack fulltime. But this shouldn’t leave an FSM out of a job—it should create one.

Jack of all trades, master of the most important piece of the puzzle

There’s an important place for the FSM in organizations of any size. As the person who understands best how each part of the stack integrates with the bigger picture, a full-stack marketer makes a great leader. Specialists are great at, well, specializing. Your FSM is great at making sure that in a room full of specialists with their own individual agenda, stuff actually gets done and done well.

Can full-stack marketers make it on the agency side?

Here at Stryve, the breadth of skills listed on our career postings is a lot longer than most prospects expect. We specifically seek out full-stack marketers because we have found that having a team of FSMs is better than a team of individual specialists. We work collaboratively, constantly pushing ourselves and each other to think differently and think bigger. Because we all have a grasp on each area, we’re all qualified and knowledgeable enough to have those debates and come up with better solutions and ideas.

Full-stack marketers are building career security

Because an FSM has a flexible and far-reaching skill set, they are able to build long-term career security. The value they bring to the table is unmatched, and they are able to adapt more quickly to changing landscapes. As the digital space evolves and parts of the marketing stack are becoming increasingly automated, FSMs aren’t getting left behind—they’re evolving with it.

Chloe Rolph

Senior Account Manager

Chloe is a PPC advertising pro, and loves to cook up healthy & delicious meals.

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