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Design resources we love!

We know that designers are always on the prowl for the best design tools to help them get their work done. With Valentines Day coming up, we thought it would be the perfect time to highlight some faithful design resources we love. They may not be new to the web, but have always been the most helpful and efficient resources we’ve come across. After all when you find the “right one” you never let it go.


Niice screen design resourceNiice is a visual search engine made for designers. It allows you to search for inspiration across the web’s top design sources, such as Behance and Dribble. Easily search for inspiration on the main “stream” page or create customizable moodboards with the drag-and-drop interface. Moodboards can be shared and downloaded for team collaboration or used independently. Niice also features a Chrome extension so you can grab and save images as you browse the web.

Palette Creator

Palette Creator Design ResourceCreating a colour scheme with photography can be one of the most effective methods to ensure your design evokes the right emotion. It can also be one of the most time consuming. It can take hours of web browsing, downloading, and eye dropping. Palette Creator makes it fast and easy with its Chrome extension. Simply right-click the image, select the Palette Creator option, and choose the number of colours for your palette. Pick the colour mode you’re working in and save them to your clip board, or move on to another image. No commitment necessary.


Typography Design ResourceJeremiah Shoaf launched Typewolf back in 2013 because he was frustrated by the lack of useful resources available for typography. Typewolf identifies the fonts used in some of the most inspiring type-centric designs across the web, making it easier to pick beautiful font combinations for your own creations. Typewolf even provides useful guidelines and resources about typography to keep designers educated and inspired. It’s one of the most recognizable and useful typography related resources on the web.

These are just a few design resources we’ve come to trust, and as much as we love them we’ll always open our hearts up for more. So if you have any suggestions or recommendations about your own faithful design resources we’d love to hear about them!

Grace Cole

Graphic Designer

Grace is a Graphic Designer at Stryve. Her love for all things creative keeps her busy whether she is thinking up her next great idea, or staying up-to-date on the latest trends in art and technology.