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Download on Digital Marketing: April 2019

What’s new in digital marketing this month? Linkedin continued expanding their ad platform with lookalike audience targeting, Instagram introduced a convenient new way to buy products within the app, and Google Ads may have gotten a bit more expensive for users.

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LinkedIn added new ad targeting options, including lookalike audiences
LinkedIn continues to improve its ad platform with new functionality. The latest additions include lookalike audiences, audience templates, and the addition of Microsoft Bing search data to the recently released interest targeting option. With these new targeting features, LinkedIn continues to open new opportunities for reaching audiences and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Of course, if you follow us on LinkedIn, you probably knew that already.

Instagram introduced “Checkout”
When a customer sees a product they like while browsing a brand’s shopping post, they are now able to purchase it without leaving the app. Checkout is currently in closed beta for select businesses in the US, but they will begin rolling out more in the coming weeks. If you’re looking to engage with young customers and simplify your path to purchase, you’ll want to keep an eye on this.

Facebook removed ad targeting options in specific areas to prevent discrimination
Facebook is attempting to limit discriminatory ad targeting by removing specific ad targeting options. Their first focus is on housing, employment or credit ads, in which you will no longer be able to target by age, gender, zip code or multicultural affinity.

Google Ads moved to first-price auction, leading to a projected increase in user adspend 
Google has made first-price the default programmatic model for display ads. This means the advertiser that places the highest bid wins the impression and pays as much as they bid. This will likely result in marketers paying more for their ads, at least in the short term until brands adjust.

Kyle Weber

Account Manager

Kyle began his career in digital marketing as a graphic designer then shifted his focus towards account management. He paints, writes, and compares his every experience to Seinfeld.

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