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Before leading anything, you need to read Multipliers

Are you a good cook?

Personally, I go back and forth. I used to think I was pretty good because I enjoyed eating what I made. I cooked with feel, adding spices and weird ingredients on a whim. Mango chunks in a stirfry? Let’s see where this goes!

But lately, I’ve received some cues that I may not be so blessed in the kitchen. My fiance revealed she’s not wild about dinners with 5+ ingredients. After biting into some chicken, my dad politely asked if I ever followed recipes. Truthfully, I’d never even considered it. To me, recipes were for people who didn’t know how to cook and as far as I was considered, that wasn’t me. Maybe I was wrong?

So, what does this anecdote have to do with the book, Multipliers? Like cooking, leadership is something we base on our own preferences. We cook what suits our tastes and we lead in ways that make sense to us. However, the success of each of these endeavours depends on the opinions and behaviours of others. I can’t say I’m a good cook if people scowl at my creations and I can’t say I’m an effective leader without the team success to back it up.

Leaders may not have step-by-step recipes, but they do have Liz Wiseman’s best-selling book on effective leadership styles and practices. Multipliers is a fantastic learning tool that leads to a load of self-reflection and discovery. For example, I had no idea I was an Optimist, and what’s more, I had no idea that was a bad thing.

Apart from learning the behaviours of good and bad leaders, Multipliers provides ways of dealing with adversarial leadership, ways to manage up, and of course, ways to improve.

Check out our summary below and click here to order Multipliers online.

Multipliers: A Stryve Book Report


Kyle Weber

Account Manager

Kyle began his career in digital marketing as a graphic designer then shifted his focus towards account management. He paints, writes, and compares his every experience to Seinfeld.

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