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Presentation: Unblock sales with WebOps

I recently gave a presentation to the Communitech Sales P2P on how sales leaders can use WebOps to unblock initiatives. Continue scrolling for a few key highlights and the full presentation deck.

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Presentation and Key Highlights

  1. A website is a results engine, not a product. It should be owned and driven by marketing and sales teams.
  2. Legacy web structures are bottlenecking innovation. To innovate faster, we need to embed advanced web dynamics.
  3. WebOps needs dedicated accountability and a team structure that makes websites a priority again.
  4. Nocode is coming. It will enable business units to take over traditionally technical roles that were managed by IT and dev.

Ryan Burgio

Co-founder & Managing Director

Ryan is the Co-Founder and Manager Director of Stryve. As an entrepreneur, he is prone to bouts of incredible optimism and setting unrealistic expectations for his team.

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