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Download on Digital Marketing: May 2019

What’s new in digital marketing this month? LinkedIn added some document upload features, Facebook created a new Ad Manager interface, and Google put more focus on images in search results.

Oh, and Instagram completely flipped things upside down by getting rid of Like totals. You know, basically eliminating their own social currency.

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Instagram started hiding Like totals
The biggest news from the last month involved Instagram making a major change to their application by removing Like totals on posts. Surely, this will impact influencer marketing and how users perceive and engage with content. With Instagram being owned by Facebook, it will be interesting to see if the change carries over to Facebook in the future.

LinkedIn introduced document uploading
LinkedIn added the ability to add documents, including PDFs and PowerPoints, directly to your newsfeed. For businesses and brands, audiences will be able to click through decks and presentations without having to download them, which should lead to boosted engagement.

Facebook rolled out an improved Ad Manager and Business Manager
There’s a shiny new Ad Manager interface for you to explore that includes simplified navigation features, a cleaner design, and a new campaign management experience. In addition to the new interface, there are also added functions such as cost cap bidding options, placement editing tools, and auto-naming.

Google began sharing more images in web search results
It may be time for you to focus more on your image SEO. Tools such as SEOClarity, Mozcast and RankRanger have all showed a significant increase in the percentage that images are showing up in web search results. Make sure you’re optimizing those images!

Carly McCrory

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