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Download on digital marketing: July 2018

What’s new in digital marketing this month? Salesforce purchased Datorama, Facebook updated their mobile ads feature, and much more. In a world that is constantly changing, we’re making it easy to stay on top of the latest updates.

This Month in Digital Marketing…

Reddit introduced CTA buttons for its self-serve ad platform
To prioritize engagement, Reddit introduced a CTA button with preset text options to their Sponsored Content platform. The new buttons are compatible with both desktop and mobile ads and offer advertisers a more effective ad unit to convert users.

Twitter purged locked accounts from follower metrics
Twitter globally removed all previously locked accounts from Follower metrics. As a result, Twitter users with large followings will likely see a considerable drop in their impressions and engagements over the month of July.

Facebook added five new features to Ads Manager
The platform introduced new features to improve building and managing mobile ads. New mobile features include text overlays, stickers, color filters, and more.

Salesforce pushed their AI investment further with purchasing of Datorama
The acquisition of Datorama looks to unlock insights and capabilities across Salesforce’s platform. The move helps Salesforce keep pace with with rivals like Adobe and Oracle.

Snapchat partnered with 4 new discovery platforms to drive new Snap content
Snap partnered with NewsWhip, Storyful, SAM Desk, and Seattle-area startup Tagboard, to give journalists a way to quickly find publicly-shared Snapchat content. This included content shared from the geo-location based Snap Map.

Twitter started monetizing its Explore tab with new Promoted Trends ads
Working with Disney, the social network started testing a Promoted Trend Spotlight ad that sits atop a user’s top trends dashboard. Although users might object to their trends list being pushed down by ads. Twitter’s bet is that this space will generate a high rate of engagement.

Multiple non-political companies had their ads blocked by Facebook’s political ad system
Businesses advertising on Facebook with copy that included the words like ‘Bush’ got blocked by the platform’s automated political ad filtering system. Companies affected include Walmart, a lawn mowing company, and a hair waxing salon.

Pinterest introduced new collaboration tools to plan events using their platform
Pinterest launched a new activity feed with conversation functions in the ‘group boards’ section of their platform. The company is introducing these tools to make group event planning easier for Pinterest users working in groups.

LinkedIn overhauled Campaign Manager for companies managing high-volume accounts
The application’s redesign is meant to offer a more intuitive experience, including a newly structured user experience that prioritizes quick access to ad analytics.

Demandbase Survey revealed that not everyone took action with the GDPR
The survey states that only 32 percent of businesses are fully GDPR compliant, leaving companies concerned with their protection while dealing with third party businesses.

Kyle Weber

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