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Podcast: Introducing the Friday 5

We’ve talked about it before — marketing is always changing. Each month, we talk about those changes in the Download on Digital and dig into how the latest Google update threatens to stifle our strategies and the latest Facebook mishap could topple our targeting. With each post, we tell marketers how to brace themselves and how to move forward.

While we focus a lot on navigating change, there are still marketing questions left unanswered. What should businesses focus on when marketing budgets are scaled back? What sorts of tactics suit what sorts of offerings? And how the hell is a new company supposed to drive traffic to their new website? We’ve heard your questions and we’re going to answer them all.

With that, we’d like to introduce the Friday 5. Each month, we’ll source popular marketing questions from Quora, Reddit, and our own inboxes and answer them as a team. Hopefully, you’ll get the answers you’re looking for and we won’t embarrass ourselves in the process.

In this first edition of the Friday 5, we answer these popular marketing questions from Quora:

  1. How can I generate website traffic with a $0 marketing budget? (1:00)
  2. How do I get more followers on Instagram? (3:43)
  3. How do I start a career in digital marketing? (6:57)
  4. What is better, SEO or PPC? (11:18)
  5. What are some interesting psychological marketing tactics? (14:10)

Have a question you’d like to have answered in our next Friday 5? Send us your question using the form below.

Kyle Weber

Account Manager

Kyle began his career in digital marketing as a graphic designer then shifted his focus towards account management. He paints, writes, and compares his every experience to Seinfeld.

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