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Download on Digital marketing: June 2019

What’s new in digital marketing this month? Facebook rolled out some new algorithm updates (again), LinkedIn aimed to add transparency to their ad platform by launching an “Ads” tab on Company Pages, and Youtube announced they’ll be adding still-image advertising options.

Oh, and Google announced their plan to restrict third-party cookie usage on Chrome, aka the beginning of the end for targeted advertising. We’re only half-kidding.

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Facebook deployed two new algorithm updates to improve engagement
The News Feed will now prioritize content shown from your closest friends, in addition to minimizing shallow, click-bait style content.

LinkedIn company pages will start showing sponsored ad content history
All company pages will now have an “Ads” tab that is viewable by the public. It will list all native Sponsored Content that the company has run in the past 6 months. This feature will be rolled out globally over the next few weeks.

Google announced its plan for new cookie sharing settings in Chrome
Google wants to make it easier for users to block third-party cookie tracking, which is the type of cookie that allows advertisers to track their users and provide personalized ad experiences. This could force advertisers to re-evaluate how they target their audience.

Youtube is adding a still-image ad option
Is this ironic? The video content giant will now allow advertisers to use still-images that are called “Discovery ads,” which will appear on the Youtube homepage, Gmail and Discover.

Carly McCrory

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