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Does it feel like marketing in the digital age is a never-ending cycle of keeping up with the Joneses?

First, you needed a website. Years later came digital newsletters and blogs. Throughout the 2000s, businesses were advised to go responsive for mobile audiences and get on Facebook for social audiences. Somewhere in there came online stores for people who weren’t mobile or social, choosing digital storefronts over trips to the mall. Fast forward a decade and audiences are becoming less and less inclined to go out and engage with actual people.

Chatbots… you’ll need one of those, too.

It seems never ending because it is. With technology developing at rapid rates, new tactics are constantly becoming available. If you’re tired of change and don’t want to keep pace, we get it, but you run the risk of falling behind your tech-savvy competition.

Remember your first website? What if you said no to all the proceeding add-ons, style changes, updates, and integrations? Where would you be without that mobile audience or those social campaigns?


Never lose your competitive edge

While it may seem complicated, there’s never been a better time for marketing. With so many tactics, tools, and integrations available, you’re able to display your brand to thousands of potential customers every day. Customers you can define and target with buyer personas backed by analytics instead of a gut feeling. Customers you can educate with a content portal or webinar. Customers you can convert with a chatbot and a modern website decked out with the latest thing.

Change is scary, but falling behind trends in technology is scarier.

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