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Keep them coming back.

We’ve all experienced it. You’re browsing online for concert tickets. Then, within minutes, you’re getting ads for nearby accommodations. Days later, your Facebook feed and browser sidebars are full of related events and exclusive ticket offerings.

This is your audience’s retargeting experience. Sure, it’s accurate, but marketers know there’s more to this strategy than simply trailing users online.

Retargeting is a way of staying top of mind. It’s your second chance, your third chance, to build off initial consumer interest. It keeps leads within reach, ensuring multiple opportunities to make an impact. When done right, retargeting can reveal unique insights and key patterns of user behaviour, allowing you to deploy smarter digital ads.

The benefits of retargeting

Platforms like AdRoll work by adding a small snippet of code to your website. This code uses cookies to track users as they navigate your site. On the marketing side of things, you can segment users based on the pages they’ve viewed and create ads based on their journey.

For example, if they spent time reading a specific article, you can deploy ads to build off their demonstrated interest. If they ended on a form page, you can deliver the final push they need to convert. While we encourage you to strike when the iron is hot, AdRoll allows you to keep users logged for months, so you carefully plan your campaign without losing your audience.

In the end, retargeting keeps you from taking a shot in the dark. It narrows your targeting so you can zero in on key prospects and customize your approach. This means spending less money on dead ends and more time on converting warm leads.

Check out our case studies and resources to learn about AdRoll Prospecting, how retargeting compares to other tactics, and more.

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