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Giving users exactly what they want

There’s a reason why organizations see 55% more leads when increasing their number of landing pages. It all comes back to improving the user experience by zeroing in on what they want and eliminating everything else.

Sure, your website has all that great information about your team, your story, and your mission, but to the person looking to solve a specific problem now, it’s nothing more than a distraction.

Not only do tailored landing pages improve the effectiveness of PPC campaigns, but they fast track the conversion process by giving users exactly what they want when they want it.

A landing page isn’t just another page on your website

Analytics prove there’s a right way and a wrong way of building a landing page. With website pages and landing pages serving different purposes, organizations need to approach them differently. While your website will provide a broad view of your business a landing page should present the solution to a problem. This means cutting back on links, navigation options, and more.

In fact, stats have shown landing pages with a single focus are 266% more effective than those with multiple focuses. Leading resources and providers like HubSpot have even concluded stated that landing pages with fewer links can see conversions increase by up to 25%.

The art of the workhorse landing page

Marketers often spend more time on tactics that drive traffic to a landing page, than on optimizing the landing...

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Embrace the future of digital marketing

Landing pages aren’t anything new, but with 84% of organizations failing to follow proven structures and strategies, few landing pages are meeting their potential. Let us show you what an optimized landing page can do.

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