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Maintain the integrity of your brand

As an organization, you’ve invested time and money into distilling the essence of your brand into a logo, a colour palette, a font, and a few choice images. Thought and consideration went into even the smallest detail of these elements — like sizing and spacing — all to communicate a feeling around your brand.

Now that you have it just right, you need design guidelines to keep everyone on the same page.

Consistency is key

While it takes 5-7 impressions for consumers to remember your brand, the statistics get murky when you throw inconsistency into the mix. In order to build familiarity and longevity of your brand, organizations need to stay rigid and consistent in how they present brand elements across different media and publications.


This isn’t just about having colour codes for both print and digital versions. Consistency extends to padding around a logo, how elements are ordered and arranged, which fonts to use, and more. Carefully crafted brand guidelines will ensure everyone from internal departments to external publishers has the same clear directions that ensure your brand looks its best wherever it goes.

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Protect your image

Collaborate with us to develop and maintain thoughtful branding that communicates the feelings and values that differentiate your brand.

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