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Download on digital marketing: August 2018

What’s new in digital marketing this month? Google changed up their core algorithm, LinkedIn rolled out automated bidding, and much more. In a world that is constantly changing, we’re making it easy to stay on top of the latest updates.

This Month in Digital Marketing…

Google added more tools and functionalities to their Responsive Search Ads
Google rolled out some new tools to support their Responsive Search Ads released earlier this year. Marketers can now preview ad combinations as they build them to get a better sense of what consumers will see on their end.

Snapchat reported decrease in user count for the first time
Still recovering from their unpopular redesign earlier in the year, the platform reported a 3 million active user drop in their Q2 report for the first time in their history. While user count decreased, overall revenue actually increased 11.9%.

Facebook removed targeting options to avoid misuse of the ad platform
In an effort to eliminate discriminatory advertising, Facebook removed over 5000 ad targeting options attributed to religion and ethnicity. Alongside these changes, Facebook will require advertisers to certify compliance with their non-discrimination policy.

Health and medical sites were negatively impacted after Google’s core algorithm update
Nicknamed the Medic Update, Google’s recent global core algorithm update had a strong influence on sites in the health and medical industries. Outside of these niches, eCommerce websites saw the greatest search ranking increases. For those affected, Google has said there is nothing to fix, and your best play is to focus on improving your content and user experience.

Reddit reports higher engagement among users and advertisers
Reddit reported a 3-7X higher engagement among users after their recent redesign, adding more advertiser-friendly functionalities. Companies like Audi and Black & Decker, who were early adopters of Reddit advertising, have reported much improved Click Through Rates since the platform redesign.

Facebook launched pre-roll and mid-roll Ad Breaks for videos from eligible Pages
Video ads can now run at the beginning and middle of Facebook videos. Eligible publishers must have at least 10,000 followers and 30,000 1-min views on 3 minute videos over the last 2 months. Publishers can choose ad placements themselves or let Facebook decide with their auto-insertion feature.

LinkedIn rolled out automated bidding for sponsored content
Similar to other platforms, LinkedIn will now find the perfect bid amount for you. Using historical data and machine learning it will use your daily budget in the most efficient way possible.

Buffer and BuzzSumo found out how to beat Facebook’s new News Feed algorithm
Buffer and BuzzSumo teamed up in a study of 20,000 brands on Facebook to see how businesses could counteract the algorithm change. The main message? Post more frequently! You can read the full report here

Kyle Weber

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