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Creating a digital marketing strategy

In 2017, your biggest marketing expense will be on digital ads. eMarketer indicates that digital ad spend will surpass all other media spend, including television.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to set or refine your digital marketing strategy.

This presentation is for you if you’re facing the following tasks:

  • Designing a digital marketing strategy from beginning to end
  • Improving on a digital marketing strategy that currently exist
  • Judging whether a digital marketing agency is capable of taking your company’s digital marketing to the next level

Key Takeaways

The stages of creating a digital marketing strategy follows these 6 steps

  1. Establishing unique messaging
  2. Launching or relaunching a website
  3. Building a content creation and amplification plan
  4. Launching or relaunching social media profiles
  5. Producing and distributing content
  6. Monitoring performance, plus iterating and optimizing your strategy

Sourov De

Co-founder & President

Sourov is fascinated by anything related to sales, marketing & social media, and is the founder of the Social Media Marketing Canada group on LinkedIn.