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Download on digital marketing: December 2016

What’s new in digital marketing? The answer is always “everything”. In a world that is constantly changing, we’re making it easy to stay on top of the latest updates.

This Month in Digital Marketing…

Snapchat rolls out Groups, letting you chat with up to 16 friends at once
With this new rollout, it’s safe to say Snapchat is making a play against Facebook’s suite of apps including Messenger and WhatsApp.

Nintendo learns a multi-billion dollar lesson that Mario is no guarantee for success
Despite hitting the top of the Apple iOS top grossing charts, Super Mario Run, was extremely frustrating for customers.

Top VR players collaborate to form the Global Virtual Reality Association
Facebook, Google, HTC, Sony and Samsung, amongst others, are set to collaborate as part of the newly formed Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA).

Facebook introduces 360-degree live video
Facebook Live and Facebook 360-degree video used to be separate mediums. Now though, the two can be integrated for an immersive user experience.

Apple adds hundreds of new emojis
Whether you love them or hate them, there’s now more emojis than ever before.

Amazon makes first commercial drone delivery
Amazon is one step closer to achieving its goal of using drones to deliver packages around the world.

Top Stories hit the Google engine results page
Google’s news results were shaken up once again with the launch of “Top Stories”, a card-style set of featured stories.

Twitter launches live video
Twitter users will now be able to broadcast live video directly from their mobile apps, thanks to tighter integration with live streaming service Periscope,

Facebook Messenger launches Instant Games
Using HTML5, the games load quickly in your message thread and are designed to be played competitively with friends.

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Trish Gray

Marketing Coordinator

Trish is a marketing coordinator at Stryve. She’s a digital marketer with a love for great design, fresh content and killer creative. Inbound and air hockey are her strong suits.